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Media is talking about D S Simon’s Media Influencers Report

MuckRackCommunicators whiffing on media opportunities in the digital space

More and more, we are seeing the digital space as a place of opportunity.

It’s a shift not only for journalists, but for public relations professionals, as well. As an audience’s attention is increasingly focused on digital media, it’s integral that these opportunities are capitalized on.

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SpinSucksIs PR afraid to earn media?

So why aren’t communicators trying to take full advantage of these opportunities when they earn media?

For agencies, there’s a fear of a project fail that could damage a client relationship; there aren’t many media outlets that will say “no” to a $200 million ad buy or brand integration effort.

On the flip side, “no” is the most common reaction when trying to pitch a story to a cynical journalist; it takes creative ideas, good stories, and a strong media team to earn media that will help organizations achieve their business and marketing goals.

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ConnectivityOne Big Barrier to Earned Media: Trust

The next time your team discusses earned media, consider this: in a survey of digital journalists, producers and bloggers released last week, fully 90 percent said they have been misled by public relations professionals. One in five said it happened “often.”

The online survey, conducted by the video communications firm D S Simon, was focused on public relations, but it makes a powerful point for the advocacy community.

Earned media is born of trusted relationships with reporters. It’s a two-way street in which each side operates with transparency and honesty, and each side gets what it needs. Anything less than that is wasted effort.

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