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D S Simon Media Adds Synaptic Digital Vet and YouTube Influencer

The D S Simon Media team is announcing two new hires: Michael O’Donnell and Drew Penkala.

Michael O’Donnell has been named a Video Producer/Content Marketer at D S Simon Media. He comes to D S Simon after spending three years at Synaptic Digital, where he worked as a digital content manager. According to CEO Doug Simon, “Michael has a unique understanding of creating content that enhances brands across multiple platforms.” He’s already spearheaded influencer campaigns for leading tech companies and food and beverage brands.

“D S Simon Media is on the cutting edge of influencer marketing,” says O’Donnell. “It’s great to be making such a tangible difference on client campaigns.”

Drew Penkala joins the team as a Marketing/Communications Associate. Drew came to D S Simon Media as a YouTube influencer who also boasts experience in the non-profit world with millennial outreach campaigns focusing on clean-water initiatives.

He has experience both in front and behind the camera. His YouTube channel, where Drew discusses a variety of topics, has over 17,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.  Drew will be using his experience as a YouTube influencer to help guide our marketing team towards increased engagement with clients and custom content.

“Clients are demanding the ability to create influencer campaigns reaching millennials and other key constituencies,” says Doug Simon. “Drew’s experience as an influencer for brands will help us develop and execute new product offerings.”

“The intersection of video and influencer marketing is more important than ever,” says Penkala. “It’s great to be redefining it for brands and non-profits.”

The D S Simon Media team has gotten off to a great start in 2017 and are excited to bring these new hires on board. The company expects to continue to expand its influencer marketing team in the coming year.

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