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D S Simon Media Launches Influencer Marketing Division

D S Simon Media is taking a new approach to Influencer Marketing. The goal is to turn an organization’s leaders and experts into influencers. “What we’ve seen is that the idea of having paid influencers speak for your brand on TV lacks authenticity and is filled with challenges and peril, says Doug Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media. “Third-party “experts” hired by brands as media spokespeople can be less familiar with the story and more prone to error and misstatements.” Instead we work with influencers to engage with your experts as media bringing your spokespeople to their followers and audiences without the risk.  By acting as media, the influencers we connect with help amplify your internal spokesperson’s profile and by association build your brand.

Proprietary research of in-house communications teams found they were more than twice as likely to be satisfied with the ability of their in-house experts to help earn media compared with third-party spokespeople. They were four times more likely to be very satisfied with the performance of in-house experts. But they also said it’s harder than ever to earn media with their experts.

This new division at D S Simon Media will fill the void. It relies on video to significantly raise the profile of an organization’s leadership to accomplish business objectives. Service offerings in the space include Influencer Media Tours, Influencer Media Packages, Influencer Video Series and Influencer Junkets.

The Influencer Marketing division at D S Simon Media has established key partnerships and joint marketing initiatives with financial news portal and investor community equities.com, consumer influencer marketing platform House Party, Inc, online advertising leader Looksmart and Cat Schwartz and The DGTL ADVISORS which has an influencer network sharing content through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and SnapChat. “Never before has it been so important to establish an organization’s leadership as influencers in order to achieve key objectives,” says Doug Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media. “Aligning with these key partners allows us to bring a first of its kind solution to the market.”

“Turning CEOs of emerging growth companies into influencers is critical to their success,” says Silvia Davi CMO at equities.com. “This partnership allows us to significantly raise the profile of these industry leaders and disruptors.” “This approach on influencer marketing is unique,” says Cat Schwartz, founder & CEO of The DGTLADVISORS. “By associating with our vast network of influencers on the major social platforms with D S Simon Media’s video content, we jointly can help clients increase reach and influence.” “We see a great synergy with this initiative,” says Chris Maher, CEO at House Party, Inc. “This is another way for brands to engage effectively with our platform of one million micro-influencers to accomplish key business objectives.” “D S Simon Media has revolutionized the influencer marketing category by utilizing a brand’s untapped resources – their own spokespeople!” says Mike Onghai CEO at Looksmart.  “We’re proud to make our vast network available to help clients amplify their message, raise their profile, and reach their business and marketing communications goals in a smart and cost effective manner.”

The D S Simon Media Influencer Marketing Division team will feature SVP Eric Wright, VP Sarah Katz, Director Media and Content Strategy, Mike Bako, Video Producer and Content Marketer Michael O’Donnell and YouTube Influencer Drew Penkala. Because of its use of video and new approach, D S Simon Media’s Influencer Marketing Division is a perfect complement to services offered by PR agencies and communications firms.

About D S Simon Media
Influencer marketing is the story in 2017. D S Simon Media has been doing this for 30 years turning our client’s experts and leaders into influencers. We get spokespeople from leading brands and non-profits on television through Influencer Media Tours, Video Series, Media Packages and Junkets and partner with influencers to extend their reach through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and online media using the power of video. The result, we earn coverage on TV, online and social media, turn our client’s leaders into media stars and influencers and help organizations achieve communication goals through content marketing.

About House Party, Inc.
House Party, Inc. is the only influencer marketing platform that provides brands with a full suite of solutions for activating authentic consumer advocates. From highly targeted sampling to innately social party experiences to ongoing community engagement, our digital platform facilitates a range of influencer programs that deliver trial, reviews, branded content, social sharing, insights and more.  Our award-winning work with leading brands across verticals is proven to boost both brand metrics and sales.

About Equities.com
Equities.com® is a leading financial news and information source for emerging growth companies. Designed as an advanced financial data portal and social content network, Equities.com® is aimed at connecting self-directed investors with the world’s most innovative and undiscovered companies. Through its in-depth coverage of the equities markets, comprehensive issuer visibility products, and dynamic events, Equities.com® provides the content tools, and insights to drive tomorrow’s investment relationships and opportunities for fast growing private and publicly traded companies.

About LookSmart
LookSmart is a premier search advertising network and management company. LookSmart’s business now focuses on supporting its advertiser base through a syndicated network that specializes in pay-per-click text ads. LookSmart optimizes traffic from publishers and other networks to ultimately benefit its advertisers.

About Cat Schwartz and the DGTL ADVISORS
Cat Schwartz is the Founder/CEO of DGTL ADVISORS and the DGTL NTWRK. She’s helped more than 300 entertainers and sports celebrities get started in social media including Jamie Foxx, Chris Bosh, Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Jeremy Piven, John Stamos, Eva Mendes and many others. Her team has access to some of the leading influencers on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube who are part of the DGTL Advisors. They specialize in influencer marketing and dictating trends with the power of their digital network.

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