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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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PR Consulting


Brand Strategy
Are you a mid-size firm looking for PR guidance? Do you wish you had access to seasoned communications experts to develop your plan but can’t afford to hire them? Our team will develop a communications plan that can be implemented within the structure of your existing resources.

Campaign Media Strategy
Do you need to maximize media coverage for your upcoming campaign but don’t know which angles will yield the best results? Using detailed analytics, our experienced communications team guides you to the most effective strategy to generate results.

Media Training
D S Simon’s media training service teaches spokespeople the framework to succeed in any media situation through four key elements: Message Creation, Answering Reporters’ Questions, Sound Bite Creation, and looking and sounding your best. Every media interview presents a different set of challenges; our media training team prepares you for the interview at hand and gives you the foundation to prepare for all other media scenarios.


Training an in-house executive as a media talent will allow you to re-utilize them for future initiatives versus having to train an independent spokesperson every time you have a new initiative.