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Andy Hicks of CalNaturale Speaks to Successful Marketing for Organic Wine

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Organic wine in a box that has a smaller carbon footprint then traditional wine: the communications story behind the successful launch of this new, greener planet product. Andy Hicks (he’s got a cool accent too!), Director of Wine Sales and Marketing, spoke with Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions at Editor Showcase: Green Living about CalNaturale’s marketing strategies.

Some of Andy’s Vlog Views:

“Basic concept is, it’s a wine that’s made from organically grown grapes and it’s available in an environmentally friendly package which is called a tetro-pack. It’s got half the carbon footprint of a glass bottle, incredibly light weight, very easy to transport and adds many different uses to wine from a portability perspective.”

“It’s a great environment. There’s been a lot of high quality media here (Editor Showcase: Green Living) and we’ve had a lot of engaged conversations over a glass of wine, which is a great way to do it because obviously I can tell the story but while they’re enjoying the product and can actually taste and touch it.”