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D S Simon Media (@DSSimon) CEO Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug) speaks with James Beard Award winning author and celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos (@TheTuscanGun) about how being authentic and relatable helped him build his brand.

At this year’s Financial Communications Conference by Commpro.biz, D S Simon Media (@DSSimon) CEO Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug) had the opportunity to meet with acclaimed author and celebrity chef Gabriele Corcos (@TheTuscanGun) to discuss the importance of authenticity in marketing as well the challenge of entertaining and informing your audience despite the declining attention span of the modern YouTube viewer.

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Doug Simon: Hi, I’m Doug Simon from D S Simon Media. I’m here with Gabriele Corcos, who just spoke at the financial communications conference by Commpro.biz. Thanks so much for being with us.

Gabriele Corcos: Absolutely, thanks for having me.

Doug: Now you’ve had great success, an author, entrepreneur, and you spoke about the importance of authenticity and what you’re about.

Gabriele: Yes. Well, I see that in this world, especially with the advent of social media, the amount of information that is always available, the real secret to be able to cut through the noise is to not just to stick to a message, but make sure that the message is sincere and heartfelt. You have to be committed to your own brand and being able to verbalize that in a way that is perceived as authentic, sincere. But it can also generate business, so it’s a very hard exercise. As much as the social media and the new way that we communicate has given us the tools and made communication much, much easier, there’s also a lot more noise. So we need to learn how to talk to people probably better than before just because we want to make sure that we’re heard.

Doug: And you’re one of the pioneers of really using social media video on YouTube to help develop and build a brand. Are there opportunities today even for people, say, in the financial community that you were speaking to to use video to communicate their message?

Gabriele: Oh. Yes, well, video is always the best tool as far as I am concerned. What has changed is the span attention of the end user. When we started on YouTube, we were the first people in, I would say, 10 people that were doing food on YouTube. And you could have a video 15, 20 minutes long just about a dish of pasta and people would find it entertaining and refreshing because it was an alternative to the, let’s say traditional programming on TV. These days if you go after a minute and a half, like, people will tune out. So the work of tailoring your content and making sure that every portion of your message comes out in a way that is not overly produced, it’s a very hard exercise. So there is always room I would say in every industry to use video to your advantage, as long as you don’t dilute the message or as long as you don’t get lost into talking too much about yourself. You’re just going straight to the point.

Doug: And I guess what’s key is really informing or entertaining your target audience, and really understanding what their needs are.

Gabriele: And if you’re able to do both at the same time, then you’re riding a good horse, the way that we say in Italy. We work a lot, we’re tired, we save our money. I mean, you know, when I was growing up I knew that I wanted to be different than my parents, but when we are kids we never fully understand how hard it is to be adults. So then one day all of a sudden you find yourself with a mortgage and the kids and the family and everything falls into a different perspective. I think that the secret to all this is really trying to find a balance between the drive that you have for your own business, the way that you’re able to communicate that, but also use your own personal experience as something to keep you grounded and to make you realize that the values that you have, the love that you have for your family, for work is something that you can tap into because ultimately, we’re all the same.

Gabriele: So generally speaking, even if I am a New York Times bestseller or a James Beard award winner, I consider myself nothing more than a farmer that got lucky. I am able to talk to people. I had a vision I was able to put into place. And now it’s a matter of staying honest to the vision and making sure that the glory doesn’t get to my head and all of a sudden I make of this is something that kind of like goes away from the true nature and the true essence of what was the first intent, the first idea.

Doug: Thanks so much for your thoughtful commentary and continued success.

Gabriele: Absolutely. Thank you so, so much for having me. Be well.