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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Productions talks with Lindsey Bastani, Account Director for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide at the PR News Media Relations Conference on the importance of challenging your employees to lead the edge and try new tactics at a time when the PR industry is rapidly evolving.

Lindsey Bastani’s Vlog Views:

“Our industry is changing so rapidly we have to make sure to embrace the people under us to make sure we’re all moving up at a fast enough pace. I definitely find myself in a position of pushing my leaders to lead the edge a little bit and try new things at the same time I need to make sure to listen to the team under me who has a new perspective on things and new tactics to try.”

“Sometimes the best advice is to pull back a little bit and make sure you are finding the right channel. What I tend to do is try to bring the outside in. Look at what other brands have done that are similar to this brand they are hoping to have a conversation with on social media and give them some examples of other ways they can be doing it with more impact.”

“I think it’s just the continual trend of converging PR with other aspects of the discipline that tell our story. Whether it’s digital marketing, I think owned and content marketing is a really huge play or even the basics like social media and advertising. We need to bring the story together across all of those channels.”