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Best Practices For Communicating Your Client’s Non-Branded Educational Messages

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Illinois Blasdel, Principal, BCS Communications, Kansas City sits down with Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions,  to discuss the best practices for communicating your client’s non-branded educational messages.

More insights from Blasdel:

“Education is a huge part of this message. Finding an indirect way to communicate our client’s message through non-branded educational messages has been very successful.”

“In the digital space there is so much information out there. With all that noise out there it is even more important to have credible sources and knowing how to drive people to those sources. You need to have scientific information and information that supports the product in a very credible way.”

“We are seeing an upturn in the way the veterinarian community and pet owners are using social media to get information. It is critical, across digital and some of the traditional methods of receiving information, that we become a credible source of information.”