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Bev Yehuda Joins D S Simon as SVP, Operations & Digital Media

TO LINK TO POST: bit.ly/1oi9GzJ

Bev Yehuda has joined D S Simon as SVP, Operations & Digital Media. Bev, who is the former VP, Web Engagement Products at MultiVu, a PR Newswire Company, sat down with Doug Simon to discuss where she sees brands making their biggest social media blunders and how to create a successful digital and social presence.

How to grow a strong social media presence for your brand:

1) The biggest mistake brands are making with social media is creating content that they think is appropriate and informative, but they don’t look at who their audience actually is. As a company, you need to put the time into figuring out what your audience wants to look at, consume and engage with.
2) From a distribution component, brands need to make sure the content is delivered through the appropriate channels where the relevant audience is present and willing to engage.
3) The key thing audiences look for out of a social program is to be spoken to and in a reasonable fashion. Do not dictate at your audience.