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Brand Video Communications Report Finds Agency/Brand Disconnect

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker have released the Brand Video Communications Report. Todd Grossman, American CEO Talkwalker (@talkwalker) spoke to Doug Simon, CEO D S Simon Media (@DSSiomDoug) about the key findings on the challenge to earn media, the agency brand disconnect and the power of video.

Key findings include:

  • While agencies are satisfied with their team’s ability to pitch the media, clients are frustrated.
  • Brands often make it harder for agencies to earn media by insisting on commercial content
  • Overwhelming majorities of communicators found video builds brand awareness, helps sell products and earn media and is an effective tool for internal communications


For Doug’s Interview of Todd on the role of data, View Here. For a copy of the report, Click Here.

Video Transcript:

Todd: Hi. My name is Todd Grossman. I’m the American CEO for Talkwalker, and I am here with my good friend Doug Simon.

Doug: Hey, Todd. Nice to be here with you.

Todd: Doug, it’s great to be here with you. We did a great study together, and I have a few questions for you.


T: So what did you find out about the challenges to earn media?

D: Well, you know, what was said is that it’s literally harder than it’s ever been to earn media. And that’s cross platform. 77% of agency communicators said it’s hard. Over half of the brand organizational communicators are challenged by it.
D: And you know what’s interesting is that it’s never at greater value, because what they told us is that 93% of them said that increasing earn media will improve the ROI of their campaigns.

T: And what would you say was the agency brand disconnect?

D: Yeah. We found a big gulf in one area that I think can be healed by communication. We asked agency folks if they were satisfied with the job their teams were doing earning media for clients. Specifically on TV, 81% of them said they were satisfied.

D: Then we found on the other side, the clients, the brands, the organizations are frustrated. 67% of them are frustrated by their agency’s ability to earn media. Now, don’t mistake this for an agency bashing, because they have nearly identical frustration with their own team’s ability to earn media. It’s hard.

D: And what’s interesting is agencies said 85% of the end clients were actually making it harder for them to earn media because of insisting on more commercial messaging. So they really need to get together– the agencies, the brands, the organizations– and figure out, since we know it’s improving ROI to get more coverage, how can they work together to do it? Not put roadblocks.

T: Yeah. Those are some really good numbers there. And my last question, and my favorite one talking to you the expert out there. Explain the power of video when it comes to all of this.

D: Sure. Well, one of the things, especially as people are dealing with the challenges to earn media and should you be leveraging your social media to try and generate earn coverage and how you can use the earn to feed your social media ecosystem, all critical points, that we find that 71% of online journalists will actually use third-party video. And of those that do, 80% of them will use the entire video. So if done right, it could actually give you a sense of message control.

D: What we also found, we asked them where video could be helpful. 96% said it builds brand awareness. 73% said for internal communication. And that’s often overlooked.

D: 72% earn media. And that’s what we’re finding, and obviously that’s the core of what we do. And 62% said it helps sell products. So the power’s there across the board. And I think the key is if they can combine the intelligence with creativity, they can help achieve some of their key communications goals by increasing their ability to earn media.

T: I love it, Doug. I love the fact that you said that it helps drive the sale of product. That’s a key message there.

D: Yeah.

T: And for those of you that would like a full report of this, we’d be happy to send that to you.