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Brand Video Communications Report Guides On Data and Influencer Usage

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker have released the Brand Video Communications Report. Doug Simon, CEO D S Simon Media (@DSSimonDoug) spoke to Todd Grossman, American CEO Talkwalker (@talkwalker) about best practices for using data to drive earned media coverage.

Key findings include:

  • Agencies and brands value different things with brands significantly more interested in web referrals
  • Agencies are ahead of brands in looking at trends and influencers
  • Video is a key platform driving engagement


For Todd’s Interview of Doug on the Brand/Agency disconnect, View Here. For a copy of the report, Click Here.

Video Transcript:

Doug: Hi, I’m Doug Simon from DS Simon Media. I’m here with Todd Grossman, American CEO of Talkwalker social data intelligence. And we’re talking about the brand video communications report that we’ve just launched. Thanks so much, Todd, for joining us.

Todd: Doug, it’s great to be here. And it was fun to do that report with you.

D: Yeah, it was really some cool stuff. And did you find any wake-up calls?

T: Yeah, we found a bit of wake-up calls when it came to in-house. They weren’t really looking at the trends and the influencers as much as we saw on the agency side. The agency sides were really valuing the trends and looking at the data that was out there. So what we’re seeing is that the in-house should really start communicating more with the agencies or taking a play from their playbook and, in essence, looking more at the data from trends, discovery, and influencers.

D: Yeah, and to put it in some context, the report, and part of the reason we did it together was to really look at what are the key ways to earn media in this social media world and how do tactics and data play a role in that, finding what are best practices out there. So you also took a look at how both agencies and brands and organizations are calculating success. What were some of the findings there?

T: Yeah, so we saw that the agencies, about 60%– in-house, as well, about 60%– they were looking at what the referrals were to the website. The in-house, actually, wanted more of that type of data that looked like success for in-house referrals, for the website referrals. And we saw on the agency side, it was a little bit more in terms of the number of posts and shares in that volume number.

D: Yeah, and the report both valued that the big difference, as you just pointed out, was the in-house brands, 60% more likely to look at did it deliver referrals to their website.

T: Absolutely.
D: Great. Going forward, influencer marketing is so critical. And you’ve got some great data on the role influencers can play in all of this.

T: So, what we can do now– and the data is out there that you can get down to we call it the social ID of an influencer, to actually look at the other themes of discussions that they’re partaking in, what are their themes in terms of the content that they’re posting out there, the speed at which their content is being used in terms of trends, and the acceleration of that. And it’s really interesting.

T: So it’s not just how many followers they have these days. We’re looking at that sentiment there. We’re looking across many different platforms in which they’re engaging with. And, clearly, video is one of those platforms that they’re using.

D: Great. Thanks so much for being with us. OK. So, Todd, that’s some great information that’s really going to be helpful to communicators across the board. Now, if you want a copy of the report, we’ll be providing you with that information as part of this post.