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Broadway Spiderman and Taylor Swift’s Video Love Interest Spins His Web With Doug Simon

To Link to Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/reevecarney/

Doug Simon,  President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, talks with Reeve Carney, star of Spiderman Turn off the Dark about the shows 1,000th performance.

Reeve Carney’s VlogViews:

“I definitely didn’t expect that I’d be here 1,000 performances in, so I didn’t necessarily know what to think about the show.  I always thought it would be successful, but we did go through a rough patch.   I think it’s the nature of the character Peter Parker and Spiderman that I think keeps people coming back for more because he is just the everyman who happens to have superhuman abilities.”

“You can relate to Spiderman more because he really comes from such a great place.  I love a lot of superheroes, but he’s completely human, so he has that humanity to him that makes you want to route for him as you would route for the underdog, which our show at one point sort of was, so it kind of all connected and I think it made the success feel that much better 1,000 performances in.”