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Can News Still Tell Truth to Power with Dan Rather

Dan Rather, Managing Editor and Anchor of Dan Rather Reports on HD Net Original Programming, discusses the dangers of the corporatization of news and the media’s culpability for 9/11. Recorded at the Bulldog Media Relations Summit.

Some of Dan’s VlogViews:

“The politicalization and trivialization of news, which is apart from the corporatization of news, had led to a summer, the summer of 2001, just before 9/11, of a kind of go along to get along attitude. The public is more interested in some sensational murder case or the latest celebrity scandal…If the press, myself included, had been doing its job, what the government knew, what the government had been telling our military people, would have raised people’s awareness…It’s a point to ponder when you think about what has happened to the news.”

“I want to make it clear that I’m not anti business. I have worked all my life in for profit news, but [corporatization of news] is a serious problem, partly because it has become a far too cozy relationship between powerful media interests, these big conglomerates and big government…And this does affect the way news is covered and the news people read, hear and see…And you say ‘why should I care about it?’ It does exert a great deal of control over the news you get.”

“If you can’t get [HD Net’s Dan Rather Reports] on your cable system, go to satellite!”