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Doug Simon President and CEO of D S Simon Productions speaks with Ray Kotcher, Senior Partner and Chairman of Ketchum and recent PR News Hall of Fame Inductee on remembering the basic elements of public relations and how to thrive as the industry’s landscape undergoes significant changes.

Ray Kotcher’s Vlog Views:

“There’s no doubt that the business has changed tremendously in so many ways in the more than 30 years that I’ve been at this, but a lot of things have not changed. Obviously we’re going through profound change in human communication and the way we communicate with each other, all of which driven by technology and changes in media. But some things haven’t changed like the power of the idea and the importance of storytelling and I would say the importance of really deeply rooted strong values.”

“It seems stories that have a bit of fiction mixed into them, if not all fiction, are stories that are receiving the most notice on the Internet.”

“I think we need really careful, particularly in this business, we talk about the cynicism and the way people look at public relations. It’s a noble profession and it’s a great profession. I think we need to make sure we tell the truth and we tell it well and if we can do that I think the future for business is tremendous.”