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Christopher Barger, General Motors

Christopher Barger, Director of Global Communications Technology for GM, discusses what to keep in mind when starting a blog and GM’s new social media site GMnext with Christine Deerin, Divisional VP, West Coast for D S Simon Productions. Recorded at the ebay & Ragan Communications Social Media Revolution Conference.

Christopher’s Top Three Things to Keep in Mind when Starting a Blog:

“1. Understand what you want to accomplish. Don’t think that you need to get into blogging just because everyone else is doing it. Have a plan in place.”

“2. Recognize that this is an opportunity to learn as much as it is to inform and educate. The benefits of these technologies are being able to listen to one another.”

“3. Recognize that this is a casual medium. There are other places to go to get press releases, there are other places to go to get official corporate statements. Use the kind of language you would use with your neighbor, or your spouse.”

Check out GMnext.