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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Cindy Riccio, President and Founder of CRC, on the C3 Formula: Create, Connect & Communicate


Cindy Riccio, President and Founder of CRC, explains her agency’s method for success, the C3 formula, to Doug Simon at the PRSA 2014 Counselors Academy Conference, and how she’s successfully created, connected and communicated her clients’ initiatives for the past seven years.  

Cindy’s VlogViews:

“What we’ve identified is a C3 formula at CRC. It’s Create, Connect, and Communicate. With that we’ve been very successful with helping brands to really create some successful campaigns.”

“We guide them through their needs by really listening. Getting a clear understanding of what their challenges are so that we can create solutions, and meaningful solutions.”

 “One of the things that we’re really doing is focusing on our point of difference. How are we unique, and how can we help brands cut through the clutter.”