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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, lands an exclusive interview Clint Eastwood after his speech at the Republican National Convention. Simon also offers his analysis on the effectiveness of Mitt Romney’s speech.

Doug’s VlogViews:

Clearly Mitt Romney took advantage of the low expectations coming in and clearly exceeded them. He came across as likeable, able and authentic. He clearly presented himself as a family man with strong faith and avoided fact-check able blunders that would serve as a distraction…

Excuse me…

Clint Eastwood: Grrrrrrrr…Obama…Grrrr

Doug :He did speak…after Senator Rubio…and after you did that thing…you don’t remember…

Clint: Grrrrrr

Doug: He wisely chose to attack Obama by expressing disappointment that he wasn’t successful. A good line was pointing out for his supporters that they felt best about him on election day and it has been downhill from there.

You don’t think Obama is a nice guy…He’s a what? Well I shouldn’t repeat that one.

But Clint does make a good point. From a strategic perspective, why are the Republicans conceding that Obama’s a nice guy? The Karl Rove school says attack your opponents perceived strength. Kerry’s military record. Romney’s business expertise, as the Democrats have done this time around.
I would advise them to say “You might think Obama is a nice guy but is 23 million unemployed nice? College students who can’t find jobs nice? Putting increasing tax burdens on the middle class nice? That would be more effective.

Doug to Clint:  Are you okay? Have some water. Sorry I spilled. Did the campaign vet you before you went on?

No I know you aren’t a dog…Easy. Sit. good boy. Vet means to check what you are saying before you say it.

I thought so…I do have to say the folks inside the hall loved what you had to say…though Romney didn’t say he’d take our troops out of Afghanistan immediately as you mentioned. He was pretty hard line on foreign policy.

But it is surprising with Romney’s business reputation that they would make such a careless blunder letting you become the story in prime time and on social media.  Romney did an excellent job presenting himself as a three dimensional human being rather than a cardboard cutout…or empty chair. But will this be enough.

Is the election going to be a battle of “Do we return to the failed policies of the past vs the slow recovery and hoped for cooperation in an Obama second term” or will Romney and Ryan be able to paint a Reaganesque view of an optimistic future that will catapult him to an historic win.

Will they pose the key questions: Do you feel luckier than you did four years ago?

And with the low convention ratings, will anyone care.

Hey Clint, want to go see a movie?