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To Link To Post: http://www.vlogviews.com/fareedzakaria/

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager for D S Simon Productions, explores the short term and long term reputation hit to Fareed Zakaria, Time and CNN over Zakaria’s admission of plagiarism.

Mike’s VlogViews:

“Fareed Zakaria held a special journalistic place at Time and CNN. He had built up his personal brand to the point where he was seen as being above the fray. You came to him for honest analysis and right now that honesty is being called into question.”

“It is a dent in the journalistic armor of Zakaria, Time, and CNN at a time when their viewership and readership are in stark decline. These revelations will not help those downward trends.”

“Once Zakaria pays his penance and serves his time on the sidelines I do not anticipate a significant long term effect to his career as long as new allegations of plagiarism do not surface.”