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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Corey Kronengold, Tremor Media

Corey Kronengold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Tremor Media, discusses what PR people are doing wrong when it comes to using video online. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Corey’s VlogViews: “PR people need to decide if it’s the right medium for them first. Making a knee jerk decision to say, ‘I want to do video’ and then figuring out what your message is and who you want to tell is the wrong order. A little cart before the horse…there is nothing inherently magical about online video compared to television.”

“[PR people] need to think first and act second. It’s really all marketing 101. Who do you want to reach, what do you want to tell them? All the tools are available for you to do that now, but make sure you’re choosing the right vehicle, you’re telling them the right message at the right time.”

Tremor Media