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Influencer Marketing: TOP TRENDS of 2017 So Far

The Client Services team at D S Simon Media share some of the Influencer Marketing trends for the beginning of 2017. Check out what they had to say!

Our Big Takeaways:

-Influencer Marketing grows.

-The media environment improves.

-The Super Bowl of Marketing.

Influencer Marketing Grows. The media environment improves and The Super Bowl of Marketing kick off 2017.
D S Simon Media is taking a unique approach to influencer marketing, focusing on turning your experts into influencers. Brand strategists have told us they get the most value using their own spokespeople. We’re getting influencers to engage with your experts through their own social media channels during Influencer Media Tours.
We’re partnering with a team that helped launch the social media channels for NBA stars (and Charlie Sheen) to identify appropriate influencers that align with your marketing needs and subject matter. Cool stuff.
The media environment continues to improve for quality bookings as we are finding increased access to larger stations. One new tactic, recording social video content at the start of the campaign that can be used as a pitching tool. Recently this generated a hit on Fox San Francisco. Additionally, media awareness of the brands social channels and spokespeople increase significantly.
We’re also developing social products targeting millennials as we recently hired a YouTube influencer to help with content creation and identify new distribution channels. We’ll keep you updated.
The Super Bowl was the Super Bowl of marketing. D S Simon Media was featured on WPIX TV in New York sharing our thoughts on the winners and losers. Remember for your seasonal campaigns think pregame, building excitement and awareness for your marketing efforts before activation.