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D S Simon Welcomes Michael Farr as Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Content

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, sits down with the company’s newly SVP & Managing Director of Content, Michael Farr. Michael shares his take on the importance of high quality video production as well as tips all brands should consider when looking to create impactful video content.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“What we’re doing is we’re delivering television; that’s our ultimate goal. What we’re finding is that with all the things happening in production, there’s been a lot of innovation and a lot of changes, one thing has remained constant. The need to deliver quality video and quality production is always going to be there.”

“People are really pushing the edge and I encourage that a lot with the brands that we work with. Whether you be on the conservative side or the edgy side doesn’t really matter. Take advantage of the incredible production capabilities that are out there and looks that are out there; take your brand to the highest level that it can. Don’t be afraid to push it a little bit when it comes to creativity.”

“There’s always been an attraction between celebrity and, let’s say, consumer. In the 80’s, 90’s and now of course in the 21st century this has jumped to a higher level. The brand association with celebrity has been very high as we see every day. So this isn’t a new concept from a production standpoint. We’ve always wanted to take that sort of celebrity feeling and attach it to everything that we do.”