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Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer for DraftFCB, on being a New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Panel Judge

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Jamie Claudio of D S Simon Productions spoke with Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer for DraftFCB, at the New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising Awards about his participation on the 32 member executive judging panel for this year’s ceremony. The panel consisted of 32 chief creative officers from agencies worldwide.

Some of Darren’s VlogViews:

“It was an unbelievable panel of jurors including some of the people that I grew up in the business idolizing; every one of them pretty much future hall of famers. It was an amazing experience to be in the company of such greatness.”

“We could all agree on a certain set of criteria and I guess that’s what makes us chief creative officers. The best ideas are ones that are simple, that have a universal human truth at the core of it and most importantly are something that we’ve never seen before.”

“With 32 people who have been in the business as long as we have with very long memories and are as passionate about the business as we are, it’s pretty hard to get something past us that we haven’t seen. We really made a decision to be ruthless with the work. We saw some amazing, amazing work. We saw a lot of work that has done well at other shows and we just said not good enough.”

“The best advice I have ever received is the advice that got me into the business. It was from Phil Dusenberry who, as a fellow writer, had said to me an advertising copywriter is the second most profitable form of writing you can do next to ransom notes. Since I wasn’t about to go into that line of work I thought I’d try this and it’s worked out pretty well.”