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Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder of Foursquare, Speaks at the #140Conf NYC

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder of Foursquare, a social media and location service allowing you to connect with friends and places around you. Dennis spoke at the #140Conf NYC last week about his early success and where he sees the company heading.

Some of Dennis’ VlogViews:

“There are two ways we look at a lot of the stuff we’re doing with businesses: we think of local merchants and big national retail chains; destination places like coffee shops, toy stores and book stores. We have a merchant platform that enables a lot of those merchants to run specials against a lot of the check in data so they can reward their best customers and entice new customers.”

“We also have a platform that enables media properties and celebrities and brands to use foursquare as a way to create these lenses on the real world that other people, other users, can then go and subscribe to.”

“People can also get tips, like oh, this is how the New York Times thinks downtown is most interesting or this is Ashton Kutcher’s view of L.A. So we’re creating all these interesting ways of helping users connect with a lot of the content that’s created by some of their favorite brands.”