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Doug Simon on WPIX TV in NY: Best and Worst of Super Bowl Commercials

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media, appears on WPIX TV’s Morning News in New York to discuss which Super Bowl commercials were winners and which brands were losers.


Doug’s VlogViews Hits and Misses


  • The Honda ad was targeted very well by appealing to both younger and older generations, voicing a positive message to parents that your kid is going to be a success and achieve all they can.
  • Turbo Tax also appealed to widespread audience by showing how easy it is to do your taxes on any mobile device. They were able to create a comedic and memorable commercial that was unique to their brand.
  • Despite later controversy, Budweiser shared their founder’s immigration story which was an important message in today’s political climate.


  • Sprint was going for a comedic feel in their ad but ended up coming across as uncomfortable and brought nothing new to the table.
  • Snickers attempt at a live commercial was a good idea but unfortunately, it wasn’t executed well enough to be deemed successful. One aspect that worked well was getting Adam Driver exposure as we get closer to the premiere of “Girls.”