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Duncan Wardle, Disney Parks

Duncan Wardle, VP of Global PR for Disney Parks, discusses the concept of “media snacking” and how it plays a role in the larger social media space with Christine Deerin, Divisional VP, West Coast for D S Simon Productions. Recorded at the ebay & Ragan Communications Social Media Revolution Conference.

Some of Duncan’s VlogViews: “People are moving much faster now so they’re ‘snacking,’ they are almost grazing through the day, and you saw that youtube gave birth to the two minute video a couple years ago…People want to consume their media in bite size pieces now.”

“[Moms] are forming online social communities such as ivillage or clubmom.com. And so we are spending a lot of time producing content in conjunction with the moms and providing content where they want it, when they want it, how they want it.”

Disney Parks