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How Communicators Must Adapt to an Evolving Healthcare Industry

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DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with BRANDON EDWARDS, CEO at REVIVEHEALTH, about the issues facing professional communicators in the healthcare industry following healthcare reform.

Brandon Edwards’s VlogViews:

“I think the discussion revealed a couple things: One, so much focus on the ACA (Affordable Care Act), when in fact really there are three things that are really driving industry change right now. The ACA is one of them, fundamental economic change is the other and fundamental demographic change is the other. And all of those have huge implications for how our clients navigate the healthcare industry and its change and how we help to counsel them in that process.”

“I think the biggest issue right now is the way we have marketed and communicated the healthcare space for the past 20 years is fundamentally not going to work anymore.”

“Ultimately, we feel like progressive, successful organizations are thinking about how they communicate about health-related issues, even if they’re not healthcare companies. Every employer in America who’s providing insurance has a stake in the success of its health initiatives.”