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How Penn State Managed a Crisis Inflamed by Social Media

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KATIE BRINKLEY, Account Executive in D S SIMON’S DC office, speaks with GEOFFREY RUSHTON, Manager of Social Media and Public Information at PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, about how the university managed social media during the Penn State scandal in 2011.

Geoffrey Rushton’s VlogViews:

“Many of us were taken by surprise by the extent of the charges against Jerry Sandusky. We certainly knew he was being investigated, but we didn’t know the extent of that investigation. Nor did many of us know about the involvement of Penn State administrators at the time in that investigation. So initially we were caught sort of flat-footed.”

“We also learned about personal messaging. It was one thing to share the straightforward developments and the news that was coming out. But we also learned that we needed a face with it. When our new president came on board, we began sharing personal video messages from him and that was well-received at the time. “

“We had to find, also, some good that we could do out of this…And showing things like our students turning up by the thousands for a vigil for the victims of child abuse. Showing what our community is and remembering who we are and showing people who really are.”