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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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How Savvy CEO’s Can Drive an Organizations Bottom Line

Dorothy Crenshaw, Founder and CEO of Crenshaw Communications, joins Doug Simon, President & CEO, of D S Simon Media to discuss the role of the CEO’s in your organizations communications plan and how a strong communicator in the C-Suite can drive the bottom line.

“Today’s CEO needs to be very PR savvy because a CEO that is knowledgeable about PR and really knows how to engage with media and stakeholders if like money in the reputation bank.”

“Video is a gift. You can use video to get the corporate story, a personal point of view, or a change out there.”

“In a substantial company he or she is likely to have a corporate communications team, PR director, a full team ready to assist, but they sometimes don’t involve that team early enough. They wait for something to happen and then they say “Please fix it for us.” It doesn’t work that way. You need to be engaging and to be employing your PR team as a partner whether it’s internal or external. They need to be involved from the get-go so that you can plan the strategy and the proper role of that CEO.”

“(On social media) you can engage with stake holders, with corporate partners, and others through social media. It feels like it is one on one. You can show leadership through bylined content.”