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How Social Media Can Be Helpful and Harmful in a Crisis Situation

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Tracy Weise, Co-Founder & President of Weise Communications about social media in crisis situations.

Tracy Weise’s VlogViews:

“Social media- it’s got a lot of benefits to it, it’s got a lot of challenges. And the one thing we learned last year with the shootings in Aurora was that people can use social media to get their own messaging out, which may be counterintuitive or counterproductive to what your organization’s goals are.”

“The one thing that’s important about social media is that you have the ability to get a message out immediately to a lot of people and it can be repurposed and resent out. But it’s never going to replace a government official saying, ‘We understand the crisis is enormous. We understand that people are scared. We understand that people are hurt and we feel for those families. And our hearts go out to them.’”

“If you don’t want to elevate your exposure, if you want to minimize it, I wouldn’t recommend using those hashtags and being connected. But if you’re really trying to get people to see your organization, to hear from your organization, then using them is a great way to increase your visibility, your optimization of your organization.”