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Jim O’Reilly, Regional Vice President of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Matthew Holt,  Co-Chairman of Health 2.0 at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy Conference about technology and healthcare.

Matthew’s Vlog Views:

“There are now multiple tools you can use today to track activity, lots and lots of different online tools, apps and some physical tools to start tracking in a diet and now we’re getting some really interesting tools.  I just showed a live core, basically it turns the iPhone into an EKG so doing very detailed  medical testing on your iPhone or Android.  On the clinician side what’s happening is that more and more clinicians are using iPads and iPhones and android devices and whatever in their everyday life.”

“What’s actually going to be happening in the next couple of years is the demand to more easy to use tools and better population health management, dashboards. It’s actually going to transform how clinicians manage their patient populations and use technology.”