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How the LIVESTRONG Foundation Dealt With the Lance Armstrong Crisis

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Katherine McLane, Vice President for Communications and External Affairs at The LIVESTRONG Foundation about the major communications transition the company is undergoing as a result of the Lance Armstrong scandal.

“We had to invent the way one reacts in this crisis. We did it by being proactive, not letting bad news beat us to the punch and being in control of as much of the story as we could be in working with great reporters to help us get news out that we knew was going to be a tough news day for the foundation.”

“Sometimes great things come from imperfect origins. We did our best with that idea and took it to heart”.

“We engaged in a good bit of public opinion research after Lance’s resignation to sort of take the pulse of how people in America felt about the foundation now and what were their impressions of our mission.”

“We asked the people if they would rather see a big name leading the mission and the effort to make people aware of the free services we provide in both English and Spanish or would they rather hear from average people. Resoundingly they said they want to hear from average people. We want to hear about preserving our fertility before we start treatment from somebody who looks like our girlfriend or testicular cancer issues from someone who looks like they could be from our gym in the locker room. That is the strategy we have adopted throughout the last couple of years and that’s certainly one were are going to continue on too.”