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How to Best Communicate with Patients Following Healthcare Reform

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DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with PAUL WOOD, CCO at UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH MEDICAL CENTER, about the new challenges of communicating with patients following recent healthcare reform.

Paul Wood’s VlogViews:

“With healthcare reform, what we call ‘the new normal’ now, we know that reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid are declining, we know that insurance companies are ratcheting down utilization of care, so we have to find a way, as professional communicators, to let our patients and the organization as a whole know that healthcare reform is upon us, whether we want it or not. It is here. It is very active.”

“What that requires from a professional communicators standpoint is, if you haven’t already done it or if organizations haven’t thought about it, is establishing a patient experience communications-type function where you can establish the relationship with the patient so that the patient knows, going forward, that the organization is looking out for them, understands what they need to do on a continuity of care, that there is follow up in the organization.”

“People come out of college with degrees in journalism or public relations or communications, but what we’re looking for is, in addition to that, is coursework in the sciences, coursework in health policy, coursework in public policy…anything that can be applied to the broader scope of what a large healthcare organization, like ours, would do.”