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How to Create Unique Value and Build a Competitive Edge For Your Clients

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Romke de Haan, Partner at Spreenkler about digital innovation and strategy.

Romke de Haan’s VlogViews:

“Essentially what we do is digital innovation and strategy.  So our relationship with Kohl’s is to help come up with ideas to help them stay ahead of the rest of the retailers in the industry, but also stay ahead of the disrupters.  So how does a Birchbox or a Trunk Club interfere with a big retailer, and what ideas can we make that are unique enough to offer value to our customer?”

“We don’t try to follow along and just mimic them, because that would just be copying.  What we try to do is find a unique value add to their customers to provide something that will offer them value and be a competitive advantage.”

“A lot of times, companies depend on their senior team to come up with ideas and do strategy, and we rely on the entire company to do that, so that’s really helped us figure out some really unique ideas to get someone who just came into the company, doesn’t know anything about the industry or anything about technology, come up with an idea that changes our thinking.”