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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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How to Establish Thought Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

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DOUG SIMON, President & CEO of D S SIMON PRODUCTIONS, speaks with TOM MITCHELL, VP of marketing at HEALTHTECH HOLDINGS, about establishing thought and value leadership in the healthcare industry.

Tom Mitchell’s VlogViews:

“When we talk about thought leadership we really position it as value leadership, the value that we can bring the industry through our solutions and our different products and services that we have. So the value today, for instance, is getting our customers and establishing them for meaningful use, readying them for meaningful use requirements under ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.”

“First and foremost we want to make sure our customers are taken care of…preparing them, again, for meaningful use and enabling them to receive the incentives that are out there from the government is key. So, from a communications standpoint it’s communicating that value, communicating what’s required and then the solutions that’s required from us to enable them to meet their incentive requirements under the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.”

“We’re communicating via social media, we’re growing that, we’re growing our digital presence and, as I look at social media, I really talk about social media, our web presence, everything you do online as a digital engagement philosophy.”