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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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How to Increase Earned Media Coverage in a Social Media World

81% of digital journalists are using social networking sites to find story ideas. This presents a tremendous opportunity to use social media networking sites to generate earned media coverage for your campaign.

Come join us at the PR News’ Social Media Conference and Crisis Management Workshop in New York City October 19-20th where our CEO and Owner, Doug Simon, will be speaking about increasing earned media in a social media world.

Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), President and CEO of D S Simon Media provides insight to his session at the PR News Social Media Conference on October 20th where he will discuss how to use video to win earned media across platforms.

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How do you increase earned media coverage in a social media world? That’s going to be my topic of conversation at the upcoming PR news social media conference October 20th in New York. First, what is an earned media? There are lots of different definitions. For here it’s about making content so good, so compelling that it gets aired, posted, or shared without having to pay the outlet.

I’ll be presenting with Tim Haslam of SWNS Media. Couple things we’ll be addressing. How do you use social media to drive earned media coverage? How earned media can drive social success. Here’s some interesting facts we’ll be discussing from some research that we’ve done. Did you know 71% of online journalists use outside produced video? 80% of them will use the entire video allowing you to control the message. Are you taking full advantage? We also found that 77% of agency PR pros say it’s harder than it used to be to earn media. If you attend this session, we hope you’ll be finding it a lot easier.