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How Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome and Social Media Build Brand Loyalty

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Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Bradley Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Travelocity, about building brand loyalty online and through social media.

Bradley Wilson’s VlogViews:

“A picture, and in this case a video, speaks more than a thousand words. When you’re actually able to showcase a destination or people having fun in a destination, that’s more momentous than just a link or text alone.”

“When users consume those views, we’ve been able to showcase that they are far more loyal to your brand and will actually make them have that instantaneous purchase on that very same day.”

“We do the basic things like impressions and Tweets and Retweets. But what we’re really trying to do is understand those signals, as I mentioned, so signals where people might want to go on a particular destination, signals where people might be in destination. But, you know, I go back to that fulcrum of most people get inspired through their friends and, in fact, what is posted in a social network about travel.”