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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Interview with Deborah Radman, Director and SVP of CKPR and incoming President of PRSA-NY

The changing role of media through the lens of web 2.0, the future of media relations and Deborah’s hopes for the future of PR. Recorded at PRSA-NY’s 2008 Big Apple Awards.

Some of Deborah’s VlogViews:

“The whole web 2.0 environment has generated a lot of questions about what is and isn’t fact and I think our job going forward is going to help out clients and companies to think and respond to that. How to fare out the fact from fiction.”

“PR is everything. Everything we do in communication is about building relationships with key audiences that can help you succeed or make you fail.”

“If we rely on media relations for our future were not going to succeed because the media is constantly changing as well as the delivery channels for information and our messages are going to change. So be an expert of delivery on a much more strategic level and a counselor to many in terms of knowledgeable of interpretation and behavior.”

2008 Big Apple Awards Series

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