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Jessica Tolliver of Carmichael Lynch Spong on the Power of Westinghouse Solar

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Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions spoke with Jessica Tolliver, Senior Media Relations Manager at Carmichael Lynch Spong, who represented www.westinghousesolar.com at the Editor Showcase: Green Living event on Westinghouse’s goal of making solar power accessible to the everyday consumer and how to better reach targeted audiences using the change in media climate.

Some of Jessica’s VlogViews:
“Westinghouse solar makes panels that are accessible to the homeowner… It takes a concept that I think used to seem pretty out there for people: expensive, complicated and a little hippie and a little hard to achieve and makes it a lot more mainstream.”

“Our clients (at Carmichael Lynch Spong) are starting to understand more and more the value of outlets that have possibly smaller audiences but audiences that are more on target, a higher percentage of them are actually going to stand the chance of going out there and spend money on their products”

“We certainly have many new outlets on our media list these days and people we reach out to. Probably five years ago we reached out to print and broadcast and radio and now we reach out to print, broadcast and online….The best practices that have always been the case remain true and it’s knowing the outlet.”

“Online certainly has different needs as far as video and images and quick turnaround times and responsiveness, so when we reach out to media we try to have those tools at our disposal to increase our odds of getting coverage.”