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Joe Ciarallo, Editor, PRNewser and Senior Account Executive, Horn Group

Joe Ciarallo, Editor, PRNewser and Senior Account Executive, Horn Group, discusses the challenges of communicating in a social media world. Recorded at PRSA’s T3PR Conference.

Some of Joe’s VlogViews:

“Anything can matter.”

“A common client question that people get is, ‘is this blog saying something bad about my company?’ or ‘should I respond to that, does this matter?’ And the question is you could obviously measure blogs or community sites or different social nets based on different metrics and different tools but what matters can change very quickly, a blog can grow very quickly or gain or loose significance very quickly.”

“I would argue that with more channels there is more need for more communication, not less. Back in the day you can go to the Today Show, and then your done, and you get your couple of big hits…Not saying that those channels aren’t incredibly important to reach a mass audience but it has totally flipped on its head and a lot of this has changed.”


Joe’s PRNewser Blog Horn Group Disclosure: Joe Ciarallo previously worked at D S Simon Productions.