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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Joe Marchese, SocialVibe

Joe Marchese, co-founder and President of SocialVibe, discusses the changing role of ad agencies in the social media environment and how his company responds to and facilitates those changes.

Some of Joe’s VlogViews: “Social media isn’t a conversation between a person and a typical publisher, it’s a conversation between a person and another person, who also has a parallel life as a publisher. There is no question that as we move closer to this model that all media becomes earned media.”

“What we are saying is that one hundred percent of the publisher’s share should go to the people, and then that gets divided up how they want. The ad network side is what really deals with the brands and helping them get into social media.”

“When you start asking people to share your brand, all of a sudden your beginning to realize your source of media that is spreading your message is also your consumer, which means you can ask them questions…Look at the results of what you are doing, advertising becomes inherently measurable.”

Check out Joe’s blog for Online Spin, published by Mediapost, a leading online news and social networking resource.