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Michael Causey, Writer and Consultant, on his Upcoming Panel at the Capitol Communicator Convergence and Communications Conference

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On Friday, March 28th, Michael Causey will be a panelist at the Capitol Communicator Convergence and Communications Conference in Arlington, VA.  Michael speaks with Jamie Claudio, Executive Producer at D S Simon Productions, about how he’s seen the digital communications world change throughout his career as well as what to expect from his panel this year.

Michael’s VlogViews:

“Content is really king now, and I mean quality content. Even more than ever you want clarity, you want a bit of sizzle. Headlines and keywords are critical.”

“You need to have some depth, but you need to have clarity. It’s got to be sharp, it’s got to be focused. It really has to grab people, but it has to hold them too. If you do some sort of tricky headline, or something a little overly cute, you’re just going to alienate your audience and do more harm than good.”

“I think most clients really want to hear what you have to say; they bring you into the room for a reason. And I have found in most cases, when I disagree with a client sometimes they can talk it through to me, and show me why maybe the way they need to do it is the best way, but more often than not, they’ll change their mind or adapt the strategy. I think they always appreciate the honest input.”

“I think this is going to be a great event. I thought it before I was even going to be a speaker or participant. One of the things I really like about the event is, from looking at the roster of speakers, and the Key Note speaker—Benny Johnson— or the lunch speaker, these are people really doing it. It’s not so much executive vice presidents who are not involved in the day-to-day so much, or they want to win the business and don’t work it so much.”