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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Michael Rinaldo on Product Placement

Michael Rinaldo, Senior Vice President, Global Healthcare for Fleishman-Hillard argues for product placement on television for Pharma companies. While the FCC calls for tighter rules on product placement, PR industry thought leader, Michael Rinaldo stakes out a position that Pharma companies should get more involved in this controversial practice. Recorded at the exlPharma Communications Conference.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews: “I think the healthcare companies and the pharmaceutical companies aren’t taking enough advantage yet.” “If your telling a public health message, relying only on traditional newspapers, you’re not going to get the job done…When you look at the influence of talk shows and entertainment, certain parts of the population especially are tuned in to those very kinds of programs.” “As long as you’re putting it through the right filters: Is it done with integrity? Is it done with the patient’s best interests in mind? I don’t think it’s any different from the things we already do.” “Well over sixty percent and even seventy percent of brands on TV shows are tied back to where money has been put on the table.” “If the FCC passed product placement disclosure during the television program, I think it would kill the whole process of what goes on right now on TV and I don’t think that creatively, producers would be comfortable with that approach. I would argue that those who are trying to push that forward want to see the whole relationship destroyed.” Fleishman-Hillard’s Product Placement Search Terms: Michael Rinaldo, Product Placement, Pharma, television, Fleishman-Hillard        Susan Winckler                         Scott Hensley                                                                          Lisa Bodell