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Mike Doyle, Partner at Ketchum: PR is about talent, always has been and always will be

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Mike Doyle, presenter at the PRSA-NY 2014 Big Apple Awards and partner at Ketchum, spoke with Doug Simon about why he believes, no matter how the communications field evolves, the public relations industry will always be grounded in talented people and authenticity.

Mike’s VlogViews:

“What hasn’t changed, no matter where we’re evolving, is talent. It’s still, and will always be, a talent game. It’s important to make sure that we are retaining the best talent that we have and that we’re attracting the best talent that the industry has.”

“We believe it starts with earned, which is where our industry started, which is why we have a right to start there and an obligation to start there, but it’s also in hiring and retaining talent that understand and appreciate that, and approach work from an idea-centered model, not a channel-specific.”

“When you think about the nature of our profession and where it really started, the anchor of our profession is all about credibility and authenticity. There’s no other discipline that knows, appreciates, and understands what that means as much as the earned space, which is why it starts there and certainly has to grow from there.”