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Need Help Pitching the Media?

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Looking for some help when pitching your media contacts?

Recently, two of D S Simon’s top media relations executives, Mike Bako and Susan Higgins, participated in Bulldog Reporter webinars. We thought it would be a great idea if they shared some of their top tips with you.

Susan’s Top 3 Tips:

– Build a relationship based on trust with your media contact.

– Keep in mind show hours. Do not call in the middle of a show.

– Deliver the segment you pitched. You promised a segment, that’s the segment you need to deliver. That’s key to the trust mentioned earlier.

Mike’s Top 3 Tips:

– According to D S Simon’s Web Influencers Survey, 81% of stations use third party video. This is ideal for PR professionals to get an entire story out to the media with just a simple link or embed code.

– When it comes to pitching, sometimes the best pitch is a non-pitch. Reach out to a contact via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

– Stay on top of current events. Find ways to tie a current events story into your pitch to be more newsworthy and timely.