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Obama Approves Debit Ceiling Bill, But Will Voters Approve Obama?

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, weighs in on Obama signing the Debt Ceiling Bill and what it will mean for his voter approval rating as election year approaches.

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“One of the traps that Obama is in from a PR perspective is the criticisms of him tend not to be grounded in specific choices on policy but more in general statements about his persona or a belief in what he’s done.”

“His core problem is something I spoke with Tina Brown about on this vlog (<a href=”http://bit.ly/cgHxOw”>http://bit.ly/cgHxOw</a>) about a year ago is that the folks on the left who should be his natural and loudest supporters instead voice disgruntlement. This group on the left was responsible for undermining his policies and public perception of him to the point that it allowed more republicans to win many more seats in the house and setting the stage for the whole debt conflict.”

“Obviously it’s so hard to fight on intangibles. From a fact basis, going after Osama Bin Laden seemed to be gutsy leadership. That’s still not resonating with those who oppose him. Here are some of the things I think he’s going to do between now and the election of 2012 to motivate those on the left to support him strongly; and I think it breaks down into three specific things: One, I think he’s going to make some bold pronouncements on social issues. I think he is also going to be focusing on immigration reform, whether he succeeds legislatively or not, is to help motivate the Hisapnic audience that is voting from him in a larger percentage compared to other voting blocks that are not as happy with his performance. I think he’s also going to take some further steps on bringing the troops home from the conflicts overseas to further strengthen the liberal wing.”