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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Peter Himler, Flatiron Communications

Peter Himler, Principal/Founder of Flatiron Communications, discusses the growth of social media in the current economic climate. Recorded at Business Development Institute’s Real Time Communications Conference.

Some of Peter’s VlogViews: “I don’t think traditional PR is going away anytime soon. What I do think is that more and more traditional companies are going to see the value in social media and they’re going to begin to acquire companies that do it or hire individuals that understand it. They’re going to make a greater investment in spite of the economy.”

“PR people need to be savvy on how to create digital video, how to create content and optimize it so it’s findable on google. Understanding search and what search means to the PR person and to the PR person’s clients and to their brand.”

“There are skills that are needed to work through traditional media to get your message across. There is media training, message development and all that stuff. But now you can go directly to your end audiences and you can find your niche audiences as they migrate online. You have a giant migration of consumers onto the internet.”

Flatiron Communications