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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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Phil Gomes, VP, Digital Media, Edelman Digital

Phil Gomes, VP, Digital Media, Edelman and moderator of a forum of Tech Bloggers at PRSA’s T3PR Conference, discusses the convergence of media and communication and how PR people should respond to social media.

Some of Phil’s VlogViews: “Craigslist exists to give people a break, so that’s what brands and companies need to do. And giving people a break does not equal carpet bomb them with free stuff. It has to do with how can you help them do what they want to do and influence the brand and even empower them to feel like they have a stake in that thing they are most passionate about.”

“The idea is if you build content that is educational quality, conversational quality, journalistic quality, that people want to consume…then that’s a good way to reach to a lot of these audiences.”

“Video is a very compelling way to get that message out and if you do it the right way, if you keep it short, crisp, tight, it does a really good job.”

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