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How to Increase Earned Media in a Social Media World: PR News Social Media Conference

Shelby Fix of D S Simon Media spoke with Doug Simon (@DSSimonDoug), CEO of D S Simon Media at the PR News Social Media Conference about how to increase earned media in a social media world.

In this interview, Doug Simon is interviewed by Shelby Fix at the PR News Social Media Conference about how to increase earned media in a social media world. As you may know, Doug is the founder and CEO of D S Simon Media. Shelby Fix is the Video Producer/Senior Content Marketer at D S Simon, as well as the newest member of our team.

This post will give advice as to how to make social media work for you in order to earn the type of quality media that modern companies need to succeed. We’ll also give insight into the power of video and how they can overcome the challenges faced when looking to acquire media.

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Video Transcript:

Shelby Fix: Hi, I’m Shelby Fix with D S Simon, and we are here at PR News Social Media Conference. And I have Doug Simon with us, here of D S Simon, and he was one of the speakers. So Doug, you talked about how to earn social media, or how to earn media. How do you earn media in social media world?

Doug Simon: It’s definitely becoming more complicated, but one of the really important things is you have to take a close look at your own social media channels, because journalists are looking, and they are in fact– in our study we found 81% of them are looking in getting story ideas through social media. So you can’t have fluff. You’ve got to look at the content you’re putting out and say, will this likely trigger a story on social media? Will this showcase one of our experts in a thought leadership light, and journalists who’d want to include them in a story. Those are the keys to getting started. Make your social media work for you to help you earn media.

S: Right, and so you found a disconnect between in-house accounts and you’ve found a disconnect between agencies and brands and nonprofits. So can you explain more about that?

D: Sure, in the study, what we found is there was a disconnect. And it’s not saying the agencies aren’t doing their jobs– it’s a bit different. It’s that 81% of agency folks, when it came to television, thought that their team was doing a good job earning media for clients. Yet the clients, whether brands or nonprofits, are feeling frustrated, both with the agency team and their own in-house team. Nearly 2/3 of them felt that they were frustrated about those teams’ challenges to earn media. So, clearly, they’re not communicating.

D: Interestingly, and this is another important point that needs to be communicated, agencies, 86% of them, are being limited by brand’s insistence on commercial messaging that’s hurting their ability to tell a story that the media will be interested in.

S: Very cool. So how can video help you overcome the challenges of media?

D: Sure, with the power of video, especially in this day and age, it’s extraordinary. It’s everywhere– it’s on your mobile, it’s on your tablet, and it still actually exists on television. There are some people who are still watching TV, so you want to be getting your stories there. That’s very important.

D: So what types of stories will work? It’s got to have something, and you’ve got to work backwards from the message, from the outlet, and who their audience is, to try and communicate the story down with the most success.

S: And, so, some of the trends you spoke about, while you were speaking here today, were about custom content. Can you explain a little bit more about that?

D: Sure, well, custom content is really a strong opportunity. I mean, what we found is 71% of online media, online journalists, will use outside produced video. So instead of coming up with content and saying, here you go, you can actually interact with those journalists beforehand to make sure you’re delivering specific content that works for their audience, and for their messages.

D: Interestingly, of those journalists that are using content outside produced video online, 80% of them will use your whole program. So there is message control, if you can be effective and craft quality content.

S: Great, thank you.

D: Thank you. It’s great to be with you.