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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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PR Thought Leader Mark Hass

Mark Hass, World Wide CEO of MS&L, discusses his views on paid media, the distinction between buying commercial time and product placement and the role of PR agencies in social media.


Some of Mark’s VlogViews: “The whole issue of paying for play, paying for editorial coverage as opposed to earning that media coverage which is what the public relations industry does, it [the issue] is really at the core of our media relations function.”

“Product placement is fine as long as there is transparency around it. When you try to sneak something in, I think it’s a little more troubling, than if there is disclosure on what’s going on.”

“The one important area that has emerged over the last year or two and I think is going to get more and more important is the management of social media. The way companies and brands interact inside the space of social media …I think PR agencies play an important role in managing those relationships.” Manning Selvage & Lee