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CEO Thought Leadership Series from Trade Show

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PR Thought Leader Sabrina Horn

Sabrina Horn, President & CEO of Horn Group, a leading digital communications agency, discusses some of the initiatives she is undertaking at her company, the integration of PR into a more general communications framework and the role that web video plays in her organization.

“Because of the internet, PR has to become more of a general purpose communications visual medium.”

“We are in the business of helping companies deal with change and we don’t deal with change very well ourselves sometimes. And so I think as an industry we have to really get ourselves around how PR is changing.”

“You’re talking about two kinds of business models. An interactive model, which is more projects based and the PR business model, which is more retainer  based. And putting those two under the same roof is tricky.”

“We see facebook, we see myspace. These are horizontal applications for social networks but, I think we are going to see a massive proliferation of niche, vertically made social networks for specific tribes and groups.”